Take control of your fertility journey

We’ll be by your side to support you through the highs and lows of IVF

We know fertility treatment can be an uncertain and unpredictable time

Our programme supports your well-being with weekly Harper Coach check-ins and constantly evolving wellness recommendations responding to how you’re doing

Trying to conceive can have its fair share of challenges

Infertility affects one in six couples, but no two journeys are the same. We’ll be your companion for whatever comes your way

Finding time to look after your
well-being isn’t always easy

With everything going on, it might feel like there isn’t enough time to prioritise your well-being. Harper’s here to share the load

Personalised support for IVF

Your wellness companion for whatever comes your way

Wellness Quiz

Start with our short wellness quiz  & interactive games to create an accurate well-being profile

Weekly Coaching

Meet your Harper Coach weekly. Process life's challenging events and the feelings you are facing

Tailored Plans & Activities

Complete weekly tailored activities to improve your well-being

Feel more in control, resilient and prepared during your fertility treatment

We’ve worked with some of the leading fertility clinics to build a programme that works before, during and after your treatment

Check out our wellness quiz and report

Weekly coaching sessions

Discuss how you’re doing and set goals for each week

Wellness recommendations

Easy to action activities that fit perfectly in your daily routine

Completely tailored to you

Responding to your personality, lifestyle and stage in IVF

Let’s do this together

We provide time with a dedicated Harper Coach every week. They’ll be by your side to

  • Listen and understand how you’re feeling

  • Help you set wellness goals

  • Create and guide daily wellness activities

Sharne Waldron

Lead Coach

Harper isn’t therapy, we’re a program of daily recommendations to support your well-being guided by a professional Coach

Experiencing the IVF process first-hand, my wife and I realized how important it was to take care of our emotional health alongside our physical health. Fostering greater well-being not only improved our IVF journey, but also gave us the tools to deal with setbacks.”

Dr Theodore D Cosco

Chief Scientist, PhD CPsychol

Does my fertility clinic offer Harper?

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