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in managing treatment

Tailored well-being support through your fertility journey.

Supporting your emotional health and well-being by tailored evidence-based activities and weekly coaching.

We work in collaboration with our research partners at

Keeping you healthy and balanced through your fertility treatment.

Our program supports your well-being with weekly Harper coach check-ins and wellness recommendations based on how you’re doing.

Our three pillars


Discuss how you’re doing with our coaches and set goals for each week


Take our wellness quizzes to find out what keeps you balanced and happy


Build healthy habits through activities backed by science, personalized to you

Experiencing the IVF process first-hand, my wife and I realized how important it was to take care of our emotional health alongside our physical health. Fostering greater well-being not only improved our IVF journey, but also gave us the tools to deal with setbacks.”

Dr Theodore D Cosco

Chief Scientist, PhD CPsychol


users continue using Harper once they start our program


users find Harper helpful in managing their treatment


users report sleeping better and feeling more in control

How Harper Works

How each of our three pillars supports your wellness


Talk it through with our expertly trained coaches.

IVF can take a toll on your wellness. Once a week our fertility-trained coaches can help you process the challenging events and feelings you face through IVF.

Sharne Waldron — Lead Harper Coach

Harper isn’t therapy, we’re a program of daily recommendations to support your well-being guided by a professional Coach


Everyone is different, which is why you need something unique.

Knowing how you feel can impact your experience throughout the IVF journey. Proactively understand how your wellness changes through our quizzes and scientifically-backed games.


Get a scientifically-validated wellness plan that works for your IVF journey.

Your plan will have weekly activities tailored to your mood, personality, and stage in the IVF journey.

Frustration, lack of information, fear of failure and financial strain: they all add up and impact our emotional health and well-being.  In a space where emotional support is clearly undervalued, Harper brings a breath of fresh air that I wish existed when I, myself, needed it.

Oana Gharbi

Fertility Patient

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