Better journeys, happier patients

Harper are pioneering emotional support for fertility to improve patient journeys.

Let’s work together to support your patients’ well-being.

We’ve designed our program to respond to your patients’ needs, boosting wellness through evidence-based interventions. Harper works alongside treatment with  
no administrative burden on clinics.

End to end support

Supporting patients before, during and after each cycle

Weekly coaching sessions

With fertility-trained coaches, providing ongoing support and guidance

Completely tailored

Daily activities, responding to each patients’ personality, lifestyle & stage in IVF

Experiencing the IVF process first-hand, my wife and I realized how important it was to take care of our emotional health alongside our physical health. Fostering greater well-being not only improved our IVF journey, but also gave us the tools to deal with setbacks.”

Dr Theodore D Cosco

Chief Scientist, PhD CPsychol

The Science

We lead the world’s most advanced research program on mental health and well-being at our Precision Mental Health Lab & work in collaboration with our research partners.

The benefits of partnering with Harper

  • Reduced burden

    On clinicians who can remain focused on treatment

  • More accurate escalation

    Due to greater patient emotional awareness

  • Dependable support

    From trusted and fertility-trained Coaches

We’ve always been keen to hear from people who align
with our values & mission.