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IVF can take a toll on your wellness across the board, whether that's physical or emotional. The first step to taking care of yourself is processing the things that are hard to discuss.

Sharne Waldron

Lead Coach

Coaching and IVF

Our fertility-trained coaches can help you process the challenging events and feelings you face through IVF and help you plan out ways to stay healthy through the journey. You'll have the same coach throughout to listen and help you navigate anything on your mind.

What happens during coaching?

During your 30-minute session, you'll have the chance to talk about any concerns, questions, or feelings about IVF and anything going on outside of treatment. Your coach will be there to:


By listening and pairing what you say with the information provided in your wellness quiz, your coach will be able to understand how you’re feeling and respond to your needs


Harper coaches have years of medical experience and are trained in fertility, so they’re completely equipped to support you through the highs and lows of IVF


Your coach will recommend activities to help you feel more in control. They can also connect you with the right resources and specialists if you need them

How coaching helps you

  • Feel heard by someone who understands exactly what they’re going through in this unique situation

  • Learn to better express your feelings with friends and family

  • Feel confident knowing that the wellness guidance you’re getting is from a trusted source, not just the internet

  • Be more prepared and aware of your current wellness, and feel more proactive about it

Frequently asked questions

What will my first check-in look like?

The first check-in starts with getting to know you, where you might talk about where you're at in the IVF journey and what you're currently doing to stay healthy. You'll have the chance to explore any of your concerns, questions, or observations. Our coaches will listen and help you process any difficult situations. If you don't feel comfortable diving deeper into any issues, that's okay! Your coach can help you explore ways to make sure that you keep yourself well through the IVF journey. The first check-in is your chance to see whether you like speaking with your coach and whether you'd like to continue!

I already have a therapist. Do I need coaching?

Our coaches are fertility trained, so they know about the ins and outs of the IVF journey, unlike a typical therapist. Hormones, timing, and uncertainty can affect how you feel. Your coach will be able to listen, understand your situation immediately, and provide helpful guidance or serve as a friendly sounding board. Our users find that having a friendly third party who understands their unique situation can help them navigate and speak about challenging topics without judgment.

My clinic already offers counselling - what’s the difference?

A counsellor is more like a therapist looking for trauma. A Harper coach is a life coach for IVF, an expert in helping you build goals and empowerment as you go through treatment. Our coaches are here to listen and provide guidance, serving as companions who understand each step of the way.

Counsellors often help with serious issues, including severe mental health challenges and trauma. If our coaches feel that you may benefit from seeing a counsellor, they can help you organize sessions.

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