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Frequently asked questions

Getting Started

If you're using a Harper product that includes molecular tests, once you receive a kit from us, you'll need to decide whether you first want to complete the digital or physical assessment.

Physical assessment

  1. Open your kit and read the instructions found inside

  2. Take the test using our lollipop and wait until the stem turns blue, this can take up to two minutes. Any amount of blue from the thickness of a large coin upwards is enough reaction for us to measure what we need

  3. Pack up your lollipop using the instructions provided, reseal your kit and then pop it into any royal mail postbox

  4. Once received, we aim to provide you with a report within the next two working days

Digital assessment

Once you receive a kit from us, you'll need to decide whether you first want to complete the digital or physical assessment. Both are required for us to send your first set of results.

  1. On the back of your kit, there is a QR code (a black and white square)

  2. Turn on your smartphone camera and point it at the code

  3. Your phone should pop up a website link, which you can tap to reach the assessment

  4. Complete all the steps using the on-screen instructions

What is coaching?

Coaching sessions are phone calls with your dedicated Harper coach, that typically last for 30 minutes. Our coaches have years of medical experience and are trained to help you process challenging life events and the feelings you face as you go through treatment, and plan out ways to stay balanced and healthy.They’ll focus on three things:

1. Understanding how you’re doing so they can respond to your needs
2. Supporting you, however you’re feeling
3. Guiding you and helping to plan wellness boosting activities

You'll have the same coach throughout your journey to listen and help you navigate anything on your mind.

What isn’t coaching?

Whilst a Harper coach has medical experience, they do not try to treat conditions like a counsellor or therapist would. They’re there to provide support and guidance. They’ll also help you monitor whether you could benefit from extra assistance, and will help find the additional support if you both agree it’s needed.

How does coaching compare to counselling or therapy?

A counsellor is more like a therapist looking for trauma. A Harper coach is an expert in helping you build goals and empowerment to respond to the ups and downs of your treatment. Our coaches are here to listen and provide guidance, serving as companions who understand each step of the way.

Counsellors help you understand serious issues, including severe mental health challenges and trauma. If our coaches feel that you may benefit from seeing a counsellor, they can help you organise sessions.

What is the “opt-in” for?

The opt-in is a simple form that allows you to register with Harper and this lets us post out your wellness pack to get you started.

Is any DNA analysis conducted on my saliva sample?

No DNA analysis takes place.

Who has access to my samples?

Saliva samples are made available to approved researchers for the purpose of testing hydration levels using freezing point depression osmolality.

Where is my assessment?

You should receive your digital and lollipop assessments in the post within 3 days of order. If not, reply to your confirmation email and support will check your order status and let you know next steps.

I missed my test slot today

The molecular information our kits check for changes throughout the day. If you don't manage to take a lollipop test at the required time, please wait until the following day to take your test.

Example: If you forget to test on Monday morning and realise several hours later, wait and take the test on Tuesday morning instead. Do not take the test later that day.

Returning your assessment

All our kits come with a prepaid envelope that the entire kit box fits inside. Please follow the instructions with your kit and return the whole box using the envelope provided into any royal mail post box.

Once we receive your kit, we'll aim to analyse the results within two working days.

Where are my results?

Once you post a kit back to us, it usually takes four days for that test to be analysed and reported back to you.

If you haven't received a report from Harper within our suggested timeframe, don't hesitate to get in touch with, a member of our team will be happy to check the status of your report.

Need more help?

If you don't find the answer on this page, our team is available at