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A complete well-being check-up;
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Tune can help

The journey to better wellness starts with knowing yourself.

Start your journey to happier and healthier in three simple steps.

Mobile Assessment

Complete questions and interactive games, checking personality traits, lifestyle and mood

tune Test Kit

Use the kit to collect a saliva sample that we test for different markers of well-being

Well-being Plan

Receive a report detailing your mental health with personalised recommendations proven to boost well-being

The Science

We lead the world’s most advanced research program on mental health and well-being at our Precision Mental Health Lab & work in collaboration with our research partners.

The tune Lollipop

tune Lollipops test for multiple markers of health, which we combine with our wellness quizzes to provide a measure of well-being that’s much more accurate and objective than traditional methods.

How it works

We check your sample for hydration levels, as well as levels of hormones and antibodies such as cortisol, testosterone, alpha-amylase, Immunoglobulin A and Immunoglobulin G.

These markers are useful indicators of multiple different aspects of well-being, including: depression, anxiety, sleep, longevity and the activity of your immune system.

All of this important information will be included in your well-being report.

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